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1.praise you thank you2.jesus mediator priest 3.kick satan in the face4.armagettin it covenant,6.spiritual green mantra

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“ Not only does the action of Governments not deter men from crimes; on the contrary, it increases crime by always disturbing and lowering the moral standard of society. Nor can this be otherwise, since always and everywhere a Government, by its very nature, must put in the place of the highest, eternal, religious law (not written in books but in the hearts of men, and binding on every one) its own unjust, man-made laws, the object of which is neither justice nor the common good of all but various considerations of home and foreign expediency. ” — Leo Tolstoy, The Meaning of the Russian Revolut

thanks for stoppin by,aint much here to see but oh well ,alittle history..i got into bluesrock in the late 60s and 70s..then  the 80s came and it was all about heavy metal,did the band thing with a guitar student of mine,we formed a metal band and partied alot and were pretty crappy,i moved to another town and the band thing was history..THANK GOD,went solo in the early 90s and then started getting into recording at home,first it was analog [tape] and now its digital..i record whenever i get an idea..thats about it,i do all the trax samples at all.i play drums,bass,guitar, if it sucks you know who to blame..LOL..also its best to not to get in that "im going to be a rockstar" mindset  because in reality only a small amount of musicians "make it" do it for fun  and just enjoy making noise for the pure fun of it and you wont be let down..record at home..its freedom to create